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A good design really sets a good app apart from the rest. Madness Labs aims for designs that are flat, simple, stylish, and a pleasure to use. To us a good design comes down to something that feels natural to use. You shouldn't have to read a guide or get trained on a well designed app because using it just feels second nature. If you would like a little taste of our design skills see our apps page or click the button below.

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A good design without the proper code to add functionality is like peanut butter with no jelly and at Madness Labs it's always peanut butter jelly time. Our team has experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BASH, SQL and many more coding languages so you can rest assured your app will have no limits to what it can do! We know what it takes to make a real world process into a beautifully functional app on ANY DEVICE. Don't believe us? Take a trip over to our GitHub account where we have some lovely open source projects and feel free to contribute to the madness.

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Our logo says it all, heart is behind everything we make here at Madness Labs. We aren't your usual money grubbing design company, we don't just take any project simply because they throw their credit card our way. Our team prides themselves in only taking on projects that we truly believe in. This means that we may turn your app down because we don't feel it is a fit, but it means, that if we chose to help make your app, we will be just as invested in your idea as you are. At the end of the day having a team that wants the success of your product as bad as you do is a real win win.

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If you think you have an app that can change the world then we want to work with you to make it a reality. Click the "Get Started" button below to head on over to the about page to get ahold of us via e-mail, phone, or fill out our simple contact form and let's work together.

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