Madness Apps

At Madness Labs we have a growing portfolio that includes open source projects, business applications, and just plain websites. We don't discriminate between a big or a small project as long as it serves for the betterment of us all. Below you will find just a few samples of our work. Click on any of the pictures for the apps to visit their websites.

Refer A Flood

The Flood Team needed an app to help track the chaos that is referral business. Luckily Madness Labs was able to step in and create the Refer A Flood app. This allows the referrals to submit jobs and track their payment.

Transition Methods

Transitions Recruiting is an experienced team offering staffing services for a variety of disciplines and industries from key technical talent to C-level candidates. They tailor services to your needs offering retained, contingent, and contract plans.

Elite Personal Fitness

Elite's name says it all they aim to help you become elite in body and mind. They specialize in corporate wellness which we believe heavily in at Madness Labs. With Elite's personal trainers at your workplace you can assure a boost in morale and productivity as they help coach for optimal fitness. Because a healthy workforce is a happy workforce and we are happy to be helping with their app.

Madness Enjineer

A mobile friendly WYSIWYG code editor built open source and skinned with Bootstrap.


This was our first open source project at Madness Labs. We saw that there was a great need for a password manager that doesn't store your information on a server because we believe that, no matter how much you encrypt something, if it is out on the web it is anyone's game. Madness Pass is the first locally storing password manager, great for use on a mobile phone to allow you to sleep safe knowing that your phone is the only thing that holds all the credentials for everything you use.


Madness Valentine was created as a gift to Emmy on valentine's day so we both may remember our journey through life together or hint at new adventures.


Madness Cup is an app to create tournament brackets with players and to keep track of tournaments. We are specifically focusing on Smash Brothers because SMASH BROTHERS.


The Netflix of Anime.

Let's Work Together

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